Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Hypnotic City Dream Cast

So, here is my official "dream cast" for The Hypnotic City!

Philomena: Chloe Grace Moretz

She's 5'4", so she isn't QUITE short enough, but she has the perfect Philomena face, she can sing, AND if you've seen Hugo, you know she can pull of an English accent. In fact, when she auditioned for Hugo, she fooled Martin Scorsese into thinking she was actually English, and being good with accents is a major talent of Philomena's. 

Jamie: Darren Criss

I think Darren Criss may have been somewhere in the back of my mind when I first created Jamie. It's almost sad Jamie doesn't sing in the book because Lord is Darren's voice gorgeous. Plus...just look at him...(heart eyes).

Jennie: Lily James

In my Heartless City dream cast, I had someone else cast as Jennie, but that was before I discovered Lily James, who is 100% PERFECT. (And Jennie, as a former maid, has a lot in common with Cinderella)

Sebastian: Jonathan Groff

Like Darren Criss, I think, at least subconsciously, I pictured Jonathan Groff as Sebastian even while I was writing. He is beautiful, talented, and has the perfect sense of humor. And it's also too bad his character doesn't sing.

Flo: Daisy Ridley
Bonnie: Dove Cameron

Both of these actresses deserve way bigger parts than Bonnie and Flo (who, yes, are often a pair in the book) but they are also perfect, so I had to dream cast them here. :)

Tom: Tom Hiddleston

It's not just the first name. Tom Hiddleston has the ability to encompass everything about Tom Casey, especially the ability to look like he was born in a tailored suit.

So, what do you think of the cast? What would you change? Who else would you like to see?