Sunday, May 1, 2016

Seven Facts about The Hypnotic City

The Hypnotic City
, the sequel/spin-off to The Heartless City, will be released three months from today! In honor of that, I am posting 7 "sneak peek" facts about it. :)

1. Supernatural science will once again be involved.
2. The opening scene involves Jennie and Philomena first stepping off the boat in New York.
3. Other characters from The Heartless City will make an appearance.
4. Philomena has a love interest who is also involved in show business (and, of course, super hot) :)
5. Scenes take place all over 1905 NYC - from crowded marketplaces on the Lower East Side to a glamorous, Fifth Avenue mansion, to a smoky, Vaudeville showroom, to a famous Broadway stage, to the peaceful green of Central Park to a raucous, historic gay bar.
6. Philomena is present for the real, historic event of the first New Years Eve celebration in Times Square.
7. Brand new characters - good, bad, and really bad - step onto the scene.

What are you hoping for/anxious to see in the sequel? Let me know!


  1. I can not wait for the sequel! I am so happy about all the sneak peeks, Although I am really hoping that iris makes an appearance and so does Elliot.