Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Poetry, talented teens, and a kinda-sorta sneek peek at The Hypnotic City

As some of you know, I teach high school creative writing, and over the years I have had some super creative and talented students. This semester, I had one particular student write a poem that insanely and astoundingly went along with the themes and even the plot of The Hypnotic City - my sequel/spin-off to The Heartless City, which comes out August 1st. So, after getting her permission and then sharing the poem with my team at Curiosity Quills, I got the go-ahead to include her poem in the book! So, here - as sort of a sneak peek of The Hypnotic City - is "The Cage," by Grace Nightingale (you can also read it on her poetry blog, which you should totally visit because it is filled with many other BRILLIANT poems - for real, I am honored my book is the first place her work will be in print because it will surely not be the last):

"The Cage"

Sing me a tune, my little dove.

Sing to me sweetly, my little lark.

O, please won’t you serenade me, little finch?

Why won’t you sing to me,

give me a beautiful melody, my little bluejay?

You used to call so lovingly to me,

but now that you have me, you

no longer cry for me, my little warbler.

I’ll give you another chance, dear songbird

to sing for me a chorus

to remind me of your love.

Love me not you say?

I see I have misjudged you, cawing raven!

You vulture, preying on my heart with sweet music

and leaving me after I gave you

a wonderful home.

A cage you say?

Such an ungrateful crow, pecking at my soul!

I need naught this torment,

this lack of reciprocated love!

You owed me, little pheasant, and did not repay.

You are an ugly wretch with mottled feathers

and twisted beak, with stolen voice!

Begone from me and sing no more,

for if you do not perform for me

you shall not perform at all.

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