Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Movie in my Mind

When I picture the characters from THE HEARTLESS CITY, they look like they did in my mind when I wrote it. That is to say, I don't picture any "real life" people when I think of them - just the original, fictional images I created. However, quite a few people have asked me how I would cast a movie version of the book if one were ever to be made (and I personally think the book would make an GREAT movie, Hollywood agents *wink wink*), so I have come up with my own, personal "dream cast" for the film. It is truly a "dream cast," as some of the actors would have to travel back in time/do some reverse aging to fit the parts, but here it is:

Elliot: Young Leonardo DiCaprio
He would definitely have to go back in time, but Leo would be a great Elliot. They have only slightly similar features, but Leo's so great at expressing the kind of raw, unrestrained, empathic emotion Elliot embodies - especially in this particular gif from Romeo and Juliet, which freakishly mirrors an actual moment in THE HEARTLESS CITY:

Cambrian: Younger-ish Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan is not only an incredibly talented actor, as well as unbelievably gorgeous, but he exudes the same kind of arrogant and playful but also haunted and wounded aura Cam exudes.

Iris: Adelaide Kane
I adore Adelaide on the CW's Reign - she is such a talented actress that I feel for her and keep watching her story even though the rest of the show (mostly the writing, especially since season 1) is often ridiculous at best. Still, she is such a strong, beautiful and powerful presence that I could hardly picture anyone other than her playing Iris Faye.

Philomena: Sasha Pieterse
And I don't know her as well as an actress, but physically Sasha Pieterse would also make a great Philomena. Plus, she - like Phil - is a singer, and she looks a lot like the person in my own life who first inspired the character:

Andrew: Eddie Redmayne
It's not just because he's a redhead, honestly. Eddie has the quiet, soothing, bright spirit Andrew needs.

Jennie: Mia Wasikowska 
In any film, she really deserves a bigger part than Jennie, but Mia would be great at displaying her beautiful, hopeful nature.

I haven't really thought about the adults in the novel - The Lord Mayor, Virginia, etc. - but maybe I will at a later date. What do you guys think? Who do you picture for the parts?