Monday, August 31, 2015

My first book signing!!!

Last Saturday, I did something I'd only ever dreamed I'd do - held a book signing! It took place at this amazing coffee shop in Winfield, Kansas, where I live (College Hill Coffee - so good!). At first, I was kind of terrified, but after I did a short reading from the book I calmed down and had an awesome time (and sold all 20 of my books!).

My immediate family were like my own little marketing team. My husband set everything up (and took pictures, which is why he doesn't appear in any), my sister sold the books, and my parents took care of my kids. (You can see all of them in the next pic, except my mom - you can only see her hand holding my almost-3-month-old, Leo.) :)

My five-year-old, Max, was also helpful - he can be seen sitting beside me and eating a cookie. :)

One of my favorite moments happened just after I finished my reading. Everyone in the room clapped and then Max ran up to my table, stood on the chair next to me, and said, "Everyone! The girl who just read that - the author who wrote this book - she is MY mom." Everyone laughed, said "awe," and clapped, and then Max leaned down to me and said, "I love when people applaud for me." Definitely a future performer. :)

I'll leave you with a couple more pictures - including a close-up of Leo that has nothing to do with the signing but is really freaking cute. :)

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