Saturday, December 6, 2014

Legally Blonde, Musical Theatre, and Random Inspiration

As some of you already know, due to pretty much constant exhaustion and morning sickness (I'm 14 weeks pregnant) writing has been a bit difficult for me lately. I have completed all of the revisions for THE HEARTLESS CITY with my editor and the book has made it past the final proofreading round, so now - while I am waiting for the next step, which I assume is the setting of a specific release date and the completion of the cover (wheee!!!) - I have had the time to get back to work on THE HEARTLESS CITY's sequel, THE HYPNOTIC CITY. Unfortunately, the aforementioned nausea and fatigue have made that very difficult, and I have been feeling disappointed and even depressed about it.

But then, the other day, I had a random moment of hope and inspiration from what might seem like an unlikely source. One of the classes I teach is a music theatre class, and since the school musical is now over, I have been showing them DVDs of different Broadway stage productions. Last class, they were watching Legally Blonde The Musical (a live production MTV aired and then sold years ago), and I was trying to grade while they watched it, but I kept looking up and watching. If you've never seen Legally Blonde The Musical or heard the music, you should, because it is AMAZING (and far superior to the movie). Anyway, the first act ends when Elle, who has never been taken seriously by anyone at Harvard, discovers that she has made the list for Callahan's coveted internship, and she sings a powerhouse, celebration song called "So Much Better," and that was when the crazy moment of inspiration hit me. In the face of hard work like she'd never known, constant disrespect from her peers, and doubt from almost all her mentors, Elle succeeds in achieving a huge step toward her goal, and in celebration, she sings:

I'll even dress in black and white
See, I have not begun to fight
And you'll go, oh, much better and oh, much better
And soon all y'all gonna know much better

'Cuz I am so much better
I am so much better
I am so much better than before!

And that was it. While watching a song I've heard and seen probably nearly a hundred times, I got chills and thought to myself, "Me too! I have not begun to fight, and if she can do it, so can I!"

I pushed myself after work that day and finished another chapter, and now I am at 60,000 words and ready for the climax. :) It may seem like a dumb thing to be inspired by, and the struggle of writing-while-pregnant might not seem like a very big deal, but it is to me, and I needed that moment.

So, thank you for pushing me, Elle. :)