Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where I am now :)

I signed with Jen (my fabulous agent) in May of 2012. She offered me rep. after reading my first novel ever – DREAM THINGS TRUE. It was (and is) a novel that will always be close to my heart, and – as Jen and I both still believe – very, very good, but after about nine months and two rounds of editors, there were still no takers, so we put it on the shelf.

When I signed with Jen, I’d already begun working on my second novel, and in December of 2012 (around the time we decided to put DREAM THINGS TRUE aside), I finished it. I sent it to Jen and she sent it back with edits and revision suggestions, and once the revisions were done, we brainstormed and decided to call it THE SOUND OF BEATING WINGS. (The novel centers around a girl named Raven who – due to horrible rumors that have made her a pariah at school – becomes obsessed with escaping into the worlds of silent movies from the early 1920s. She has also become obsessed with one of the most renowned movie stars of that era – Eldon Ambrose. It seems too good to be true when his great-great-grandson Vincent, his spitting image, comes to town as a visiting professor and agrees to an interview. It's even more unreal when he takes an interest in her: a modern-day realization of her fantasies. But the strangest moment comes later, when she's watching one of Eldon's rarer films and the lead actress looks out through the screen and clearly mouths her name.)

Jen sent the story out to the first round of editors last summer, in 2013. So far there have been a few rejections (one so glowing and complimentary that I was both flattered and aggravated) and of course, many who have yet to read and respond. Jen is still entirely hopeful that someone will see what we see in THE SOUND OF BEATING WINGS, but if no one does and we end up shelving it like DREAM THINGS TRUE, I will still feel okay, because I have ANOTHER book.

In November of 2013, I finished my third novel, which Jen and I have decided to call THE HEARTLESS CITY. I’ll wait until Jen’s made a pitch and the book is in front of editors to describe the plot in detail, but she and I both agree that it is my best so far. J

So that’s where I am now: still waiting on editors and working on my next project. I just finished Jen’s revisions for THE HEARTLESS CITY and am almost ready to start my fourth book (and first-ever sequel), which I’ve decided to call THE HYPNOTIC CITY for now.

That’s what writers do, I suppose: keep waiting and keep writing. J


  1. This is fantastic progress. What a wonderful premise you've got with The Sound of Beating Wings. I look forward to reading it. Good luck!